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Why is it important to be careful who you let wash your car?

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Let me start by saying not everyone takes the most care when washing a vehicle and this can be the difference in a scratched dull finish from the get go and a new car show room finish for many years.

Do you realise how much damage local drive through scratch and shine car washes cause?

Why do i call them scratch and shine washes you ask? Well let me educate you..

They start by using harsh chemicals (Traffic Film Removers) to attempt to remove dirt and grime. Caution is required when using these chemicals as trims and certain surfaces can be damaged by these harmful chemicals especially chrome trims and plastics.

They then move onto the wash stage using the same sponges to wash your wheels and bodywork! (This is a nono!)

They then dunk the mitts/sponges into the same dirty water that has cleaned the last 30 dirty cars before yours.

Not using any form of grit guard / protection methods so they are essentially washing your car with recycled dirty water and grit.

This dirty water and grit particles are rubbed all across your paintwork and will cause permenant damage to your vehicles finish in the form of scratches and swirls marks also potentially chemical staining paint work and trims from the super harsh chemicals used.

Shall i continue? Ok..

To dry the vehicle dirty chamois/leathers and cloths which have been slapped on the floor, rinsed on the ground flinging dirt and grit into the cloth and wiped on the users boots before hand are rubbed around your vehicle to dry your paintwork. I have worked in the motor industry and seen first hand on dealership forecourts, scratch and shine car washes all of the above methods happen to your precious vehicles over the years.

Would you really pay for this service knowing that this happens to your car everytime it is washed at your local carwash or dealership?

Surely knowing this why would you pay for someone to permenantly damage your car?

That is where we come in at Buzz Detailing. We understand that washing a vehicle is an essential part of routine maintenence.

We only use the best industry leading materials, products and techniques to wash and dry your vehicle in the safest possible manor. We can guarantee a swirl and scratch free wash everytime!

So please think twice before going to your local scratch and shine car wash and paying £10 for the service to damage your car!

There is a reason why it costs that much..

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