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Wheels off ceramic coating package

What is this?

Our wheels off ceramic coating package is the process of getting your wheels looking as near to new as possible and keeping them that way making your life easier keeping on top of maintenance for them by having a ceramic coating applied.

Cleaning wheels can be an grueling and time consuming process but it doesn't have to be this way!

To start we carefully remove all the road wheels on the vehicle. We then start the deep cleaning process.

The wheels are gently cleaned using dedicated wheel cleaner, tyre cleaner aswell as using a dedicated wheel shampoo to ensure cleaning is thorough yet safe (especially for gloss black or sensitive wheel finishes)

We then fully decontaminate the rim removing any embedded contamination / brake dust & tar using iron fallout remover & tar and glue remover ensuring we have a extremely clean surface. We also claybar the wheels removing the final embedded contamination which cannot be removed by chemicals to make sure the wheels are as smooth and clean as they can be to ensure the best bond with the substrate is achieved (we don't coat dirty wheels!)

A final wipe down is carried out before the coating process removing any claybar or chemical residue using our dedicated coating preperation solution ensuring a squeaky clean surface to apply coating to. 2 layers of our ceramic coating is applied. 1st layer is applied then infrared cured to speed up curing time & ultimately harden the coating more effectively. Then the second layer is applied and infrared cured for the 2nd time. The coating is then left to naturally cure over the next 24 hours.

As part of this package we also deep clean inner wheel arch liners as part of this process removing mud, tar and any other nasties which have been thrown up into the arches. The arches are dressed bringing back the nice black natural finish of the plastics and protecting them from the elements once again.

As an added bonus to this package we also deep clean and ceramic coat your painted brake calipers as part of this process. This gives the vibrant colours of your brake calipers a new lease of life making them stand out inside your freshly coated wheels and will keep them this way for at least 2 years!

The wheels are all refitted and wheel bolts torqued to manufacturers specifications giving you piece of mind the jobs been carried out safely and correctly everytime.

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