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Our prices and reasons..

I have decided to do another blog post not to rant but explaining the differences in what we do and what some other local detailers/detailing firms do.

We have the ethos of doing the job and doing it properly to the best of our abilities for our customers. Do it once and do it right!

We spend in some cases over 50 hours detailing vehicles.

I have had comments before saying 'seems expensive' or 'i can get it done much cheaper elsewhere'

Our prices are extremely competitive and it is reflected in the amount of time, love and attention to detail in all the jobs we do.

We also take into account the 1000's of pounds invested into the equipment, detailing studio and the very best industry leading products and consumables guaranteeing the very best service every time.

I have noticed some are saying they have done jobs like 'coated' wheels even with the wheels never removed from the vehicle..

So how can they be coated you may ask? That is because they are not or not completely.. i can guarantee the outer faces have been done and thats it not taking into account the other 3/4 of the wheel exposed to the elements..

Word of advise is to check exactly what you are getting for your money folks..

We are not about that here and we do not mis-sell our services hence why they are priced at what they are.. which may seem expensive to some but we are taking the time and you are getting exactly what you are paying for which is our meticulously high standards.

For example..

Our wheels off ceramic coating service is exactly that and includes the full safe removal and prepwork, 2 layers of coating, arches deep cleaned aswell as calipers cleaned and coated and exhaust tips polished and coated leaving no stone unturned..

This service takes 6 hours upwards to be completed correctly and effectively so the £180 we ask for isnt actually that much when you look at the level of service you are getting for that price. This is reflected in all our services and guaranteed to leave you over the moon with the results.

As you can see by the photo collage the extremely high standards that we have here. This post isnt a post to slag anyone off it is more to educate potential clients to research who they are letting loose on their vehicles and see exactly what they are paying for and the differences in pricing when comparing. Cheap doesnt mean its necessarily good and good work isnt cheap.

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