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Machine Polishing

Single stage polish & protection

This is a process of carrying out a very light machine polish to remove light scratches, swirls and blemishes bumping up gloss levels while leaving behind a durable coat of protection in 1 step. Using Rupes new revolutionary Uno Protect Advanced Polish Compound with 12 months protection given.

Single Stage Polish Enhancement

This is a process of carrying out a light polish to remove light swirls and scratches. This is using a light / medium polishing/finishing pad and generally using a light to medium cut polish dependent on clearcoat hardness of the vehicle this will vary from brand to brand. Combinations of the above polish and pad will differ depending on vehicle. This is ideal for new or good condition vehicles that only need a very light enhancement and bump up of gloss before protection. Heavier defects will remain.

2 stage machine polish enhancement/correction.

This involves a different approach of a medium - heavy cut polish/compound and pad combination.

Initially a heavier cut to remove deeper defects like scratches, swirls and marring.

Combinations again will vary dependent on condition and manufacturer of vehicle and clear coat hardness.

Carrying out a heavier polish/cutting process can introduce 'micro marring' (micro scratches) to softer clear coat finishes. We then follow up with a 2nd step of a light finishing polish to remove the micro scratches and bump up gloss levels further before protection leaving behind a crystal clear glossy mirror finish. Random or deep scores or scratches can and will remain. Generally finishing to 90% defect free in most routine cases. Bodyshop defects and or poor paint preperation / application will be factors to consider aswell as level of clearcoat thickness.

Multiple Stage Correction

This is a process of carrying out a medium/ heavy cut /compounding stage to remove heavy defects this stage may need to be repeated or adjusted to achieve desired results as not everything will be removed in 1 or 2 steps with 1 pad and polish / compound combination. Multiple pads and polish compounds are required depending on paint defects. We then step down to a medium/finishing polish depending on vehicle clearcoat characteristics to remove microscratches from previous stages to finish with a high gloss and as defect free as safely possible before protection stages.

Paint is extremely vunerable once polished so some sort of paint protection is recommended either spray sealant, wax or better ceramic/nano coatings.

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