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Ceramic Coatings!

Updated: May 5, 2022

We now offer a wide range of ceramic coatings.

We can now offer coatings lasting for 12 months to 5 years and everything in between we have something for every vehicle and budget.

As standard we offered 2 year coatings for all our packages but now the ceramic coating market has jumped forward leaps and bounds over the last 18 months and now company's are offering much more variety to the professional detailer.

We have decided to offer this variety to our customers moving forward.

12 month coating

Gyeon Can Coat.

2 Year Coatings

Zertona Z1 Ceramic Paint Guardian, Gyeon One Evo, Pyramid Car Care Premium Coating.

3 year coatings

Gyeon Pure Evo , Gyeon Mohs Evo Single layer applications including topped with Cure, Pyramid Car Care UBV Coating.

4 Year Coatings

Gyeon Syncro 2 Part Coating system consisting of Gyeon Mohs & Skin combined and topped with Cure.

5 Year Coatings Gtechniq Crystal Cerum Light & Exo

Pyramid Car Care Professional Coating.

We have done extensive research into the coatings we have listed here and found them to be the leaders in the ever growing market of ceramic coatings.

As you can see there is now alot of variety to choose from which can be slightly daunting for the customer. We will happily have a face to face consultation with you and discuss your requirements and what you need from a coating.

Price Varies depending on coating used.

Please enquire to find out more!

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