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Maintenance Wash Process

Wheel Arches deep cleaned and rinsed

Tyres cleaned using specific tyre cleaner then rinsed.

Multiple Cleaning stage to wheels using non acidic wheel cleaners then agitated and cleaned using a wheel specific shampoo to break down stubborn dirt and grime. Thorough rinse off.

Iron Fallout Remover Applied to wheels.

Rinsed down again.

Citrus Pre Wash applied if required to extremely dirty areas (low areas and the rear generally) Rinse off pre wash as required.

Snow Foam Pre Wash.

Badges, grills, various areas agitated using multiple brushes and cleaners depending on surface.

Thorough rinse down removing snow foam.

Multiple bucket safe wash using multiple mitts for designated areas (upper&lower)

Door shuts, boot shut and petrol cap etc all deep cleaned.

Thorough rinse to remove shampoo residues etc.

Spray and rinse sealant applied if applicable.

Final Rinse using filtered 0ppm (parts per million) water to prevent any risk of water spotting and causing a poor final finish.

The vehicle is then brought into the detailing studio.

The complete vehicle is dried using touchless drying techniques (blow drying) to prevent any risk of scratching the vehicle.

Door jams, boot shut all thoroughly dried.

Tyres and arches dressed.

Tyre pressures checked and adjusted as required.

TPMS reset if applicable. (Tyre Pressure Monitoring system).

Exterior glass cleaned.

Complementary mini interior detail (hoover to carpets, seats etc) dashboard, kick trims all cleaned and wiped down.

Glass cleaned inside.

Air freshener / deodouriser sprayed into cabin to sanitize and kill bacteria and also kills covid 19 on contact.

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